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GA RWatch provides several products, including the following

Political Policies and Risk Analysis

GA RWatch provides in-depth analysis of the political landscape in Indonesia, helping government to understand the risks and opportunities associated with different policies and regulations.

Economic And finance Analysis

GA RWatch helps the government to understand macro-ekonomic trends in Indonesia and how they may impact organization and society. GA RWatch also provide insight into industry trends, market dynamics, and investment opportunities.

Government Relations policy

GA RWatch has extensive experience working with the Indonesian government and can help clients navigate the complex regulatory environment. The NGO provides support in developing relationships with government officials, building coalitions, and advocating for policy changes.

social cultural policy

GA RWatch helps the government to understand socio-cultural developments in society so that it can provide insight and advice in establishing government apparatus policies that have implications for social and cultural conditions and situations.

defence and security policy analysis

GA RWatch provides an in-depth analysis of defense and security paradigms and problems in Indonesia so as to assist the government regarding the risks and opportunities associated with various policies and regulations.


GA RWatch has a publication unit that is integrated with research activities within the government apparatus which professionally manages manuscripts and articles to be published into books and journals.